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First day back at work from the holiday kinda was meh. I'm a little burnt out still from last week. Since it was the year end, we had to pay as many of the bills as we possibly could by the 31st. I'm basically in charge of Accounts Payable so that was largely all on my shoulders. Today was basically filing away 4,000 invoices and mailing everything out. Sounds simple enough, but for some reason I was dying to sleep through most of the day. I got enough sleep yesterday. Maybe it was the classical music I was playing or maybe it was just another case of the Mondays. Whatever it was, I basically wasted a day on FML since the boss was out. The rest of the week I need to start creating new folders for everything for 2010. Fun times.

Health wise, I brought my own lunch to work. I really need to get to the grocery store tomorrow because I don't have anything else to bring for the rest of the week. I started using my Wii fit this evening. It's kinda fun. I didn't really do much but I managed to work up a sweat. I've never been able to hula hoop in real life but ironically that's what I did best on. The running in place was not fun. I hope to do better tomorrow.


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