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So during last night's Ranger game I managed to finally get my dad to agree to come to a game with me. His usual reply is "it's a waste of money" but miraculously he willingly agreed to go to the game against the Penguins on the 25th. In fact my mom and sister decided to come too. Huge shocker. Then I get in to work this morning and my boss puts this in my inbox:

New York Ranger Greats Meet & Greet in New York City MSG

This is the first time you have 3 of the greatest Rangers of all time together. These 3 athletes do not do many public appearances and this is the first Adam Graves appearance in years. Very Few Spots Remain so come join the party down memory lane.

DATE Monday, January 25th
TIME 5pm-7pm Check in Starts at 4:30pm-4:45pm
Location – NYC
Package Includes
2 Tickets
Food and Drinks Open Bar (Beer, Wine. Soda and Buffet Style Food)
Gift Bag that includes 1 Quad Signed 16x20 Click Here To View (Retail price. $799)
Athletes in attendance

* Mark Messier
* Adam Graves
* Mike Richter

Price $749

Go figure. Not that I'd ever be able to go to that, but I thought it was funny that it was for the same day I'd just bought 4 tickets to.

Nothing much to report on for the rest of the day. I felt like crap mostly. Thankfully tomorrow's Saturday so I can get some rest.
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