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So, my grandmother's 80th birthday party went off without a hitch. We had a bit of a hard time trying to convince her to go out at first (she was told the immediate family was taking her out to dinner, but she didn't want us to spend money on her *sigh*) but in the end we managed to get her dolled up and out of the house. She didn't suspect a thing. She was a little shell shocked at first. She couldn't really see everyone in the room because so many flashes went off and everyone yelled 'Surprise', but then she went around the room and saw how many people came to celebrate with her. She was overwhelmed with emotion.

There were 30 people in all including my uncles, cousins, and all their kids as well as my godparents' family and my aunt's best friends' family who have been family friends for about 30 years. She was so happy to see everyone, especially all the little kids. My grandmother has always been really attached to the children in the family and it really pleased her to have them all there.

The food at this restaurant was amazing. It's this little Italian place in my neighborhood called Trattoria L'incontro. It's been around for a few years but for whatever reason we've never gone. Grandma had mentioned a few times that she wanted to go one day so we figured what better place to have the party. It was totally worth it. If you're ever in NY it's highly recommended.

My uncle Steve took pictures of everyone. Hopefully we'll have them sometime this week. I took a couple of pics with my camera but I can't find the cable to save my life so I can't upload them. I'll try to post some tomorrow.


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