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Sadly I did not get to have my spa day today. I did however manage to get my laundry done so that's a huge relief. Especially since I had a mountain of clothes on my floor and we didn't have water 1/2 the day. I got an impromptu shower this morning when I was on the john and it suddenly started raining in my bathroom. My aunt's bathroom is being repaired and it's directly above ours. My dad thought it'd be a genius idea to turn the water back on after the plumber turned it off because he thought only my aunt's apartment needed to be shut off. The poor plumber got drenched.

We still have two of the bathrooms in the house out of commission for repairs. Well the tubs are actually. Nine people and one shower is NOT COOL. Hopefully the one will be ok by morning. The other still needs a new wall and tiles put back on.

Along with my laundry, I decided to undertake another evil task: organizing my greek music library. A while back I copied my friend's entire library of greek music. I had always planned on sorting through it and keeping the songs I liked but I've been putting it off. See, I'm a little bit OCD about my library. Everything needs to be properly tagged and sorted.

The problem is 95% of this stuff is mislabeled and in what I like to call Grenglish. Greek words spelled out in English letters and vice versa. It's hard enough for me trying to remember how to read in Greek and my spelling is even worse, so it's hard to track down the artists and the song titles and to do so in the proper spelling at that. Nevertheless, I've started this. I'm not even half way through the A's but I think I'll be done in a month or two. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I've got to sort out my paperwork and finish cleaning the house. Joy. G'nite everyone!
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