Jan. 24th, 2010

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Oy, I've completely screwed up my sleep schedule this weekend. I didn't get to sleep until like 5am Saturday morning. After waking up after 1 in the afternoon, we got in touch with Georgia and decided to meet up for lunch. There's this fabulous Colombian Restaurant near her parent's house on Long Island and I've been craving it for like 4 months. Their food is incredible (there's always a line out the door) and you get a ton of home cooked food for less than you'd pay for a McDonald's value meal at Times Square. We had their carne asada with rice and beans. OMG SO GOOD.

Afterward Georgia had to head home, something my sister and I really didn't want to do, so we decided to do some browsing in some of the stores in the area. We did our dad a favor and got him some candy and a card for our mom. Today happens to be their 28th anniversary.

When we got home, a family friend had come over and she needed some help with one of the programs on her computer. She's got a Vista machine and man, is it annoying to work with. Particularly since there was a bit of junk and starter programs clogging it up that needed removing.

I was up again till like 3am and didn't wake up until the afternoon again today. I've spent the day trying to get a bunch of stuff off the DVR. I've still got like the entire season of Heroes and the last few eps of Dollhouse to plow through. Not sure if it'll happen today though.

Mom and I decided to be adventurous with dinner today and have taken our first foray in to the world of Shepherd's Pie. Crazy, yes I know, but we have never made one before. We've perused the Food Network recipies and have borrowed one from Mrs. Paula Deen. Dunno how it tastes yet but it looks and smells AMAZING. Will keep you posted.

ETA: Food was DELICIOUS! Just needed a pinch more salt. =0)


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