Mar. 19th, 2010

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There's been a lot going on lately but I haven't felt up to updating much. February was kinda nuts.

On the 1st my sister and I went to an open photo shoot for the NOH8 Campaign. We finally got our picture today.

The sis and I posing for NOH8. on Twitpic

On the 2nd it was my aunt's 50th birthday. She and her best friend have been in love with the Wizard of Oz for like 40 years so I got tickets to see Wicked to celebrate. I took most of my family and it was their first time seeing it. They loved it of course. I enjoyed it as well but I think I liked it more the first time I saw it with Trin like 3 years ago. On the plus side, it was so long since I'd seen it that I'd totally forgotten how it ended. I was just as surprised at the ending as I was the first time.

Lets see what else happened in February. Oh, my cousin and his family went to the Phillippines for a month. His daughter's gotten SO BIG. She's running around now. She pretty much skipped crawling entirely. They actually just got back this evening, but they'll only be here for another week before their final move to Greece.

Health wise I've been nuts. I got sick again 3 weeks after my last cold in January so I went to an ear, nose, throat specialist. He ran a bunch of test and gave me a longer dose of meds and my cold has finally disappeared! \o/ Also health wise, I finally had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. That was fun. /sarcasm I got to live off of pudding for a week so it wasn't all bad.

What else? It snowed a bunch, then it rained a bunch. This week has been magnificent though. I think we got close to 70 today. I got caught up in Olympic fever. Now I'm caught up with hockey. I really hope the Rangers make the playoffs but it's not looking too good atm. *sigh*

Last night I was supposed to go see a free screening of The Runaways but I hit traffic so I got there too late. *shrugs* I got a free book as a consolation prize. Instead my sister took me to Wildwood BBQ. OMG. SO. GOOD. Their cornbread was out of this world. Then we went to B&N and I came away with 'Going Bovine' by [ profile] libbabray, 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter', and the tie-in novel to ABC's Castle - 'Heat Wave'. Overall a good score I think.

So, yeah. That's what's been going on with me. How are you all doing?


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