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Quick update while I have a few minutes to kill at work.

Heroes tonight! And Studio 60! *woot*

I finally managd to get my mom to go with me to get a DVR box so we can record everything. Best thing ever invented I tell you. It's awesomeness is like none other.

In other news: My sister and I are going to Texas for a weekend to visit our best friend Paula for her birthday. We're surprising her and bringing our friend Georgia with us too. I can't wait. It's the last weekend of October. We're driving from Dallas to where she is near Shreveport, LA. God help us.
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Fall 2006 TV Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
8PM to 9PM Gilmore Girls CW 9/26 House Fox 9/5
9PM to 10PM Heroes NBC 9/25 Veronica Mars CW 10/3 Lost ABC 10/4 Grey's Anatomy ABC 9/21 Supernatural CW 9/28
10PM to 11PM Studio 60 NBC 9/18 Boston Legal ABC 9/19

I had free tickets to last nights Mets game so I took my sis and we went, but left after the 7th inning to get home in time for Studio 60. Now I'm not much of a sports fan but I do stick by the Mets mostly because most NYers are Yankee fans and they suck. Anyway I haven't been following but I knew they were doing well this year. I hadn't realized last night was a big game. They ended up winning the Division East Championship. =0D *does a happy dance*

While we did stay long enough to see all the runs come in, I feel a little bad that we didn't stick around for all the festivities. This is how much tv is taking over my life. I still need to get TiVo, or some sort of DVR. Between my mother and I, we have 7 shows on Tuesdays alone. I need to sort out a chart or something. *sigh*
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Fall 2006 TV Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
8PM to 9PM Gilmore Girls CW 9/26 House Fox 9/5
9PM to 10PM Heroes NBC 9/25 Veronica Mars CW 10/3 Lost ABC 10/4 Grey's Anatomy ABC 9/21 Supernatural CW 9/28
10PM to 11PM Studio 60 NBC 9/18 Boston Legal ABC 9/19

I need to get TiVo. *sigh*

ETA: For those of you who are curious.
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So I went out Wednesday night with my cousins and a bunch of friends to see Panic! At The Disco. I had a pretty great time. The drinks were totally overpriced but the show was pretty good. The opening acts were The Hush Sound who I highly recommend and The Dresden Dolls. Panic! had this crazy carnival/cabaret-type thing going on with dancers dressed up as life-sized marionettes and stuff. The Hush Sound reminded me of like Maroon 5 meets Michelle Branch. I really liked their stuff and their drummer was hot, though it could have been the booze.

Speaking of booze, this crazy mofo decided to plow through my friends to solicit me in the middle of the show. And he wasn't even good looking. At first I thought it was my friend Mike tapping me on the shoulder to tell me something. Then I looked and this short chubby guy basically shoved his way through my friends to tap me on the shoulder and was calling me over to go with him quite insistantly all the while showing me his cup of beer. I was like WTF dude DO I KNOW YOU?! Leave me alone weirdo. In the middle of a song I liked too. Fucker.

There was something else that I wanted to post about but I can't remember what it was atm. My brother pissed me off and I lost my train of thought. My friend gave me some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans as a little thank you gift and the bastard ate them. I hope he got all the gross ones. *kicks him in the shin* =0(

Oh, I remember. I'm officially addicted to Supernatural. Pretty boys + creepy goulies = ♥. Jared threw me for a while there cuz I was used to him playng Dean on Gilmore Girls and now Dean's his bother but I've finally got it all straight. God help me television will ruin my life. I'm prepared to take down as many people as I can right along with me.

I really should be asleep now. I want to watch the world cup match tomorrow morning but I'm wide awake. *sigh*
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Holy mother of GOD! I just took the longest survey about Lost EVER. I'm a member of American Consumer Survey and take various surveys for them all the time mostly about cleaning products, so this one was a change for me because I actually gave a damn.

This opinion survey scares me though because being a marketing student I know how these things are taken into consideration and their value on the decision makers of TPTB. They asked all sorts of questions about what characters I liked (I had to keep writing Desmond in wtf? Meanwhile Ethan was an option even though...well I'm not going to spoil stuff for people who've been living under a rock but those who've been watching should know what I was about to say), what relationships I want to continue seeing, and which plotlines I think should be followed in the future.

I think most people would love the chance to sway the writers to giving into writing the things they want done. But I'm not one of them. I like the element of surprise. I want the writers to go on telling the story their way. It cheapens it knowing they're taking consumer polls for what to do next season. On some level I understand that its to get people's opinion and if something is not working they should get rid of it. But overall I want them to tell the story as they envisioned it because that's what makes it so good to begin with.

Now that that rant is over I've got something else to talk about, which is much more important.

As you may or may not know Veronica Mars is a fantastic show that you should be watching if you already aren't. There are about 6 new episodes left for this season. With the merging of UPN and the WB next season into the new CW network, they're only keeping the best shows from the two networks but they haven't confirmed any except “America's Next Top Model" and “SmackDown" since those shows had already been renewed by UPN for the fall. Veronica Mars is on the short list but it's not set in stone yet.

There's a great bunch of folks over here trying to get organized and to spread the VM love. The better the ratings are, the better the chances of the show getting renewed for next season. Check them out and check out VMars if you aren't already mesmerized by its awesomeness. Remember starting this week (April 11th) the show moves to Tuesdays at 9/8c on UPN.


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