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Hey Folks! This is just a quick reminder to get your butts moving. Writing challenges are due by Monday afternoon/evening the latest. I want to read some crack so lets get a move on!

On a related note, I've been considering making the challenges last 2 weeks each as opposed to one to give people more time to post. I'd really like your opinions on the subject for those of you who participate or are thinking of participating. And so, a poll:

[Poll #679818]

Now that that's taken care of, I made brownies tonight and I thought I'd be generous and share the recipie.

Mmm, chocolatey goodness! )
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Hi folks. Time for a new writing challenge. You guys need to start submitting stuff or I'm going to stop with the challenges. The last one ran for 2 weeks and there was only one submission. Unacceptable.

Writing Challenge #5 )
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I fucked a slut for birth control and it was hot. )

Also, SNOW! =0D ETA: Added a few pics of the back yard as well.

I'm extending last week's writing challenge until next week because I didnt have a chance to do it and I'm sure noone else did.
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Hi everyone! There were 4 entries for last week's Challenge. Let's try to keep it up for next week. =0D

Writing Challenge #4 )
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OK People, START WRITING! There are NO submissions for last week's challenge. It's still open until tomorrow because it was posted late so try to get at least SOMETHING in.

ETA: There was one submission for Challenge #2.

Writing Challenge #3 )
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Hi everyone! There were two submissions for the previous challenge here. We should all try to leave feedback and constructive criticism to encourage one another and to help improve our work.

Writing Challenge #2 )
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Hi folks! This will be our first writing challenge. For those who have no idea what this is about, or if you're interested in participating have a look here.

Writing Challenge #1 )
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Several of us have expressed interest in starting to write again on a regular basis. It's been suggested we do something along the lines of [ profile] hpsanctuary however, as we aren't really as passionate about HP as we used to be, I've decided to start a general weekly writing challenge right here.

The rules are simple: Each week a challenge or theme will be posted. This can be a single word, or sentence on which each contributor's work will be based. Sometimes a specific style will be a mandatory part of the challenge. Generally there will be no maximum or minimum words necessary so the author will have free reign to epress themselves, unless it is a stipulation of a specific challenge. Participants will have one week to submit their piece. All work should be submitted in the comments of that week's challenge entry and may be posted anywhere else the author sees fit. And lastly, anyone may participate in these writing challenges. After all, it's all about having fun and letting our creative sides out again.

If anyone has any input, comments, or challenge suggestions feel free to leave a comment. =0)


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