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So I went out Wednesday night with my cousins and a bunch of friends to see Panic! At The Disco. I had a pretty great time. The drinks were totally overpriced but the show was pretty good. The opening acts were The Hush Sound who I highly recommend and The Dresden Dolls. Panic! had this crazy carnival/cabaret-type thing going on with dancers dressed up as life-sized marionettes and stuff. The Hush Sound reminded me of like Maroon 5 meets Michelle Branch. I really liked their stuff and their drummer was hot, though it could have been the booze.

Speaking of booze, this crazy mofo decided to plow through my friends to solicit me in the middle of the show. And he wasn't even good looking. At first I thought it was my friend Mike tapping me on the shoulder to tell me something. Then I looked and this short chubby guy basically shoved his way through my friends to tap me on the shoulder and was calling me over to go with him quite insistantly all the while showing me his cup of beer. I was like WTF dude DO I KNOW YOU?! Leave me alone weirdo. In the middle of a song I liked too. Fucker.

There was something else that I wanted to post about but I can't remember what it was atm. My brother pissed me off and I lost my train of thought. My friend gave me some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans as a little thank you gift and the bastard ate them. I hope he got all the gross ones. *kicks him in the shin* =0(

Oh, I remember. I'm officially addicted to Supernatural. Pretty boys + creepy goulies = ♥. Jared threw me for a while there cuz I was used to him playng Dean on Gilmore Girls and now Dean's his bother but I've finally got it all straight. God help me television will ruin my life. I'm prepared to take down as many people as I can right along with me.

I really should be asleep now. I want to watch the world cup match tomorrow morning but I'm wide awake. *sigh*


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