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My dog Princess died today. She suddenly collapsed last week after her bath. The vet said it was a seizure. She started having more of them more frequently throughout the week. This past three days alone she had more than half a dozen. She was having a much harder time coming to and her breathing was getting more labored. So we had to put her to sleep this afternoon.

She was 15 years old, so she lived a good long doggy life. I'm really going to miss the little ankle biter. It's 4 years, 4 months and a day since her pal Mimi passed. I'm picturing them getting oodles of belly rubs and bacon on a cloud somewhere together.

This is from a couple of Christmases ago.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ctrinity!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] corsiva !!!

I hope you have an amazing day dear!!!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] ctrinity! I hope you had a great day. =0)

It's been a while since I posted anything so here's a small update. I've been busy at work the last few weeks. My sister's been helping us out since it's audit season and things have been a bit stressful. Thankfully everything went alright with the auditor yesterday. We've been cooped up for the last week working insane hours so my sis and I decided to blow off a little steam after work.

I decided to call one of our friends from college who we haven't seen in a while to see if he wanted to hang out. I figured nothing would come of it, but it turned out he'd just gotten out of class and was willing to meet up. Feeling lucky, I called our other two friends from our college group and one by one, they too decided to meet as well. This NEVER happens.

We're all so busy all the time that incredible amounts of planning usually needs to happen to get us all in the same place at the same time. My spontaneity actually worked in everyone's favor for once so I picked everyone up and we went out to dinner and drinks. It's the most fun that I've had in a very long time.

This weekend we're planning on spending a day at the spa. I'm looking forward to it so badly that I was actually late to work this morning because I overslept from dreaming that I was getting a massage. Speaking of oversleeping, I should get to bed lest I repeat my tardiness tomorrow. G'nite!
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My best friend Paula informed me a little while ago that I'm finally going to be a godmother! My nephew is going to have a little brother or sister. I'm so happy for them and so excited! I can't wait to go see her and her family.

This weekend I get to hang out with my other best friend Georgia and her family. Her cousin is having a baby shower. Woo!

Best friends and babies. ♥
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There's been a lot going on lately but I haven't felt up to updating much. February was kinda nuts.

On the 1st my sister and I went to an open photo shoot for the NOH8 Campaign. We finally got our picture today.

The sis and I posing for NOH8. on Twitpic

On the 2nd it was my aunt's 50th birthday. She and her best friend have been in love with the Wizard of Oz for like 40 years so I got tickets to see Wicked to celebrate. I took most of my family and it was their first time seeing it. They loved it of course. I enjoyed it as well but I think I liked it more the first time I saw it with Trin like 3 years ago. On the plus side, it was so long since I'd seen it that I'd totally forgotten how it ended. I was just as surprised at the ending as I was the first time.

Lets see what else happened in February. Oh, my cousin and his family went to the Phillippines for a month. His daughter's gotten SO BIG. She's running around now. She pretty much skipped crawling entirely. They actually just got back this evening, but they'll only be here for another week before their final move to Greece.

Health wise I've been nuts. I got sick again 3 weeks after my last cold in January so I went to an ear, nose, throat specialist. He ran a bunch of test and gave me a longer dose of meds and my cold has finally disappeared! \o/ Also health wise, I finally had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. That was fun. /sarcasm I got to live off of pudding for a week so it wasn't all bad.

What else? It snowed a bunch, then it rained a bunch. This week has been magnificent though. I think we got close to 70 today. I got caught up in Olympic fever. Now I'm caught up with hockey. I really hope the Rangers make the playoffs but it's not looking too good atm. *sigh*

Last night I was supposed to go see a free screening of The Runaways but I hit traffic so I got there too late. *shrugs* I got a free book as a consolation prize. Instead my sister took me to Wildwood BBQ. OMG. SO. GOOD. Their cornbread was out of this world. Then we went to B&N and I came away with 'Going Bovine' by [ profile] libbabray, 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter', and the tie-in novel to ABC's Castle - 'Heat Wave'. Overall a good score I think.

So, yeah. That's what's been going on with me. How are you all doing?
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Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I hope everyone's wearing green. *pinches*

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Happy Birthday Cathy!

I hope your day is a blast. =0) I took a handful of cell phone pics at karaoke the other night. They're crappy but here they are nonetheless.
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• While watching Bon Jovi on the Grammy's earlier, I came to the horrifying realization that my dad is turning 60 this year. 60. I'm still a bit flabbergasted at this. I know this is irrational but I never contemplated my parents getting old. Hit me like a ton of bricks.

• Green Day is putting American Idiot on Broadway. I'm so excited for this! March cannot come fast enough. Relatedly, I really need to get myself an AMEX so I can buy tickets before they go on sale to the public.

• Speaking of Broadway, Wicked in 2 days! *dances* I cannot wait. 1/2 my family is coming with me. We're treating my aunt for her birthday.

• I managed to talk my sister into making crepes with Nutella and strawberries for dessert this evening. So YUMMY!

• Work in the morning. I really need to get to bed. G'nite!
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Sadly I did not get to have my spa day today. I did however manage to get my laundry done so that's a huge relief. Especially since I had a mountain of clothes on my floor and we didn't have water 1/2 the day. I got an impromptu shower this morning when I was on the john and it suddenly started raining in my bathroom. My aunt's bathroom is being repaired and it's directly above ours. My dad thought it'd be a genius idea to turn the water back on after the plumber turned it off because he thought only my aunt's apartment needed to be shut off. The poor plumber got drenched.

We still have two of the bathrooms in the house out of commission for repairs. Well the tubs are actually. Nine people and one shower is NOT COOL. Hopefully the one will be ok by morning. The other still needs a new wall and tiles put back on.

Along with my laundry, I decided to undertake another evil task: organizing my greek music library. A while back I copied my friend's entire library of greek music. I had always planned on sorting through it and keeping the songs I liked but I've been putting it off. See, I'm a little bit OCD about my library. Everything needs to be properly tagged and sorted.

The problem is 95% of this stuff is mislabeled and in what I like to call Grenglish. Greek words spelled out in English letters and vice versa. It's hard enough for me trying to remember how to read in Greek and my spelling is even worse, so it's hard to track down the artists and the song titles and to do so in the proper spelling at that. Nevertheless, I've started this. I'm not even half way through the A's but I think I'll be done in a month or two. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I've got to sort out my paperwork and finish cleaning the house. Joy. G'nite everyone!
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So my cousin and his wife are in the process of moving to Greece permanently. They had to give up their apartment, but they're not leaving until the middle of February so they'll be our house guests for the next couple of weeks. They've packed up all their stuff for shipping so their little one is staying with us for the night. She's 10 months old. It's going to be fun having her here to wake up to in the morning. My mom and sister have been babysitting her for several months. It's going to be really hard saying goodbye to her after seeing her here growing and playing almost every day.

On top of having them staying with us, my aunt is in the process of getting her plumbing fixed. Needless to say my house is pretty chaotic at the moment. It's pretty crazy here on a normal day so that's saying something. I'm hoping to have a spa day this weekend. I could use some relaxation.

On an unrelated note, I'm thinking about signing up to work for the Census on either the weekends or after work. I did it in 2000 and it was such a great experience. Plus the money was GREAT. I'm going to try and give the regional office a call tomorrow and see if they have any office positions available. I don't really fancy going door to door.
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I was in a horrid mood today for absolutely no discernible reason. Try as I might, I just couldn't shake it off. I woke up just like every other day from a weird ass dream (I was trying to capture an albino garden sake *shrugs*), and things just kept getting sour from there.

I think it started because of the helicopters hovering over the house for an hour this morning. I don't live too far from Riker's so it's not that uncommon to hear them hovering but it annoyed the crap out of me. Then just little things at work kept popping up and I just wanted to be alone and go home. I found out later that a local trash man was run over and killed, hence the choppers. I feel so bad for his family.Then I had to work late and my boss had his friends in the office being obnoxiously loud and making a mess. I didn't get home unitl after 9.

Thankfully I got to catch up on NCIS, the Vampire Diaries, and Castle. Totally made my day. Now I'm heading to bed cuz I'm beat. Gnite!
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Oy, I've completely screwed up my sleep schedule this weekend. I didn't get to sleep until like 5am Saturday morning. After waking up after 1 in the afternoon, we got in touch with Georgia and decided to meet up for lunch. There's this fabulous Colombian Restaurant near her parent's house on Long Island and I've been craving it for like 4 months. Their food is incredible (there's always a line out the door) and you get a ton of home cooked food for less than you'd pay for a McDonald's value meal at Times Square. We had their carne asada with rice and beans. OMG SO GOOD.

Afterward Georgia had to head home, something my sister and I really didn't want to do, so we decided to do some browsing in some of the stores in the area. We did our dad a favor and got him some candy and a card for our mom. Today happens to be their 28th anniversary.

When we got home, a family friend had come over and she needed some help with one of the programs on her computer. She's got a Vista machine and man, is it annoying to work with. Particularly since there was a bit of junk and starter programs clogging it up that needed removing.

I was up again till like 3am and didn't wake up until the afternoon again today. I've spent the day trying to get a bunch of stuff off the DVR. I've still got like the entire season of Heroes and the last few eps of Dollhouse to plow through. Not sure if it'll happen today though.

Mom and I decided to be adventurous with dinner today and have taken our first foray in to the world of Shepherd's Pie. Crazy, yes I know, but we have never made one before. We've perused the Food Network recipies and have borrowed one from Mrs. Paula Deen. Dunno how it tastes yet but it looks and smells AMAZING. Will keep you posted.

ETA: Food was DELICIOUS! Just needed a pinch more salt. =0)
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I had a hectic day back at work but I managed to get an awful lot done. Hopefully by Monday I'll be all caught up. My cold is thankfully waning pretty rapidly. I hope to be over it by the end of the weekend.

Tonight I got to spend a nice night out with the girls. Georgia was visiting from Jersey so a group of us got together including some of the girls we all used to work with at the mall a few years back. It was good to see them. It's been like a year since we hung out together. We went out for a meal and dessert at the cafe we used to frequent and afterward went and played a few rounds of pool. I'm not very good at it but I do miss playing. I have to try and make a habit of going a bit more often.

Tomorrow, (well later today rather) I think I'm going to have a day out with just my sister. Maybe go see a movie or two and roam about the city for the afternoon. It's been a while since we did that.
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Feeling a lot better today thankfully. I still have the sinus pressure and a bit of a cough. My mom's caught this cold too though so we're suffering through it together. I went to the doc and got some meds but I think the worst of it has passed. I'm pretty sure I'm well enough to head in to the office tomorrow.

I'm a bit annoyed at my co-workers. I got a call from my cousin around 3pm asking where I was. I told her I was still sick at home. Which, I know I should have called in again this morning to let them know I'd still be out but I was pretty much unconscious this morning. Anyway, apparently the boss called her up looking to see where everyone was. She was out of the office today and I guess some of the other girls in the office were not around for some reason and he was wondering where everyone had gone. I don't know why he was calling her and she me when they all knew I was out sick anyways. The reason I'm annoyed though is because they call me up for the stupidest shit, but when it's something important that they should be calling me about they don't. What the hell is up with that? I'm sure I'll find out exactly what the hell was going on tomorrow but I'm still miffed.

On a completely unrelated note, it sucks that like 75% of the shows I watch are on Thursdays. I've got Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Bones, Fringe, Project Runway, Ace of Cakes, and on occasion Ranger games. Unfortunately my DVR can only handle so much so I have to usually record the shows that repeat at later times. In today's case I have to get the Ranger game at like 3am. =0/ Hopefully the guide won't lie like last time and I record 3 hours of infomercials because someone decided to randomly change the scheduling like the last time I had to record something at ungodly hours. *fingers crossed* On the plus side, this coming Monday I get to watch the game live in MSG. Woohoo!

Ok this medicine tastes horrible and it's making me very drowsy. I'm off to bed. G'nite!
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I ended up calling in sick today. It was totally the right call. I was pretty much comatose the entire day. This night-time Robitussin I'm taking is fantabulous. It works almost as well as Nyquil used to before they changed the formula. It completely knocked me out. Unfortunately, I was so out of it I didn't make it to the doc's office. Apparently today was his early day, so I'm going to go first thing tomorrow morning.

On the plus side I feel loads better. My congestion has eased up and my cough is all but gone. I totally needed the rest. Of course it's now near midnight and I'm completely wired but *shrugs* whadda ya gonna do? I'm going to take tomorrow off as well just to be sure I don't get anyone else sick at the office.
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BLERGH! I feel like death. I've been coughing my lungs out all day. It got to the point where I got physically ill from it earlier. I'm all stuffed up and my ears are incredibly itchy. I'm seriously debating calling in sick tomorrow. I mean I'm not so sick that I can't do my work, and my cousin will probably be out on Thursday and Friday which will make it hard for me to finish my work since she won't be there to go over things with me. I could really use the rest though and I could get myself to the doc since the over the counter stuff isn't working. I guess I'll see how it goes in the morning.

I got to speak to Georgia today. She's taking a week off for vacation because she'd lose it if she didn't. She's in NY for most of the weekend so we have plans to go out Friday night to our old haunts. It's been like 2 years since we last hung out here. I usually end up going to her since my schedule is more predictable. I'm really looking forward to a night out with the girls. I hope this cold doesn't screw things up.
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I had a hell of a time trying to sleep last night. I was in a constant state of semi-consciousness. I guess I had a lot on my mind, but I really hope I don't repeat it tonight. In spite of it, I did have a pretty productive day at work. I didn't quite finish what I was working on but I'm a good bit closer to it. I just need my boss to come in tomorrow so she can clarify some things for me and I'll be done with that.

My lunch was exceptionally good today. It was just a few finger sandwiches and a salad but it was really yummy. After work I went to the grocery store with my mom and got some non-sandwich stuff because there's only so many days in a row I can stomach them. I'm really looking forward to some veggies and cooked meals. I did have a bit of a slip however. I've been PMSing liek woah and I caved and bought a chocolate bar. I'll just have to make up for it the rest of the week.

Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Generally I tend to not think much of it. Today however I followed this link via [ profile] cleolinda on Twitter, and it really made me stop and think about how many things the people of this country have seen and accomplished and how much progress is yet to be made. It's long, but definitely worth the read.
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I spent today doing absolutely nothing AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Well, not exactly nothing. I spent the afternooning messing about online. Then I spent about 4 hours breaking in my Super Mario Bros. Wii. I agree with [ profile] corsiva. It's kind of frustrating, especially since you can't save after every level you pass. I mean I spent all that time playing and I haven't even finished the first level. I kinda like Super Mario Galaxy better but I'm willing to give it another chance.

The rest of the evening was spent watching the Globes. And now to catch up on the Ranger game before bed. At least I'm well rested for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be more alert and productive this week.
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I didn't forget to post yesterday but I had no access to the internet so I shall just post twice today.

Sometime between brushing my teeth yesterday morning and finishing my breakfast, I managed to lose my crown. The one that I spent $1,000.00 on after spending just as much for a root canal. *headdesk* I didn't even feel it come loose, didn't bite down on it, or anything. I'm almost positive I must have swallowed it. I only noticed it was gone because I had just finished eating and I thought there was a piece of bread stuck in my teeth and when I went to dislodge it, I felt a giant gap. That was a great way to start off my day. Oh that and the beginnings of a sore throat. Again. Woohoo!

My dentist's office was closed so I have to wait till Monday to get his advice on how to proceed. I had just finished getting all my fillings done before the holidays and the only thing I had left to do was call the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed. I'm thinking I should get that done before I have to mess with my crown again because it's the back molar and at least if the wisdom tooth is out of the way and healed the new crown might fit better and I won't have to go through this again.

Does anyone know of a good but inexpensive dental insurance that doesn't have a yearly cap of $1,000? So far all of this has come out of pocket for the last year and a half. I'm already paying $400/mo on health insurance out of pocket. I can't take much more.

The rest of the day turned out to be pretty good. We picked up my aunt's best friend (who for all intents and purposes is also my aunt) so she could spend the day with us. My sister treated us out to lunch. Then we came home and just hung out all afternoon watching tv and the aunts telling us stories from when they were growing up. They introduced us to the cheesy glory that is Dark Shadows. Five episodes in and no vampires yet. Just cheesy music and implied creepiness. And one weird ass little kid that reminds me of my brother circa age 10. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the rest of it. We decided to watch it only when we're all together so I'm going to have to wait a while but it adds to the fun of it.

Speaking of my brother, yesterday was his 25th birthday and I didn't even see him once to wish him a Happy Birthday. *shrug*
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I've been finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work lately. I think the last 2 weeks of '09 left me burnt out. I need to get our accounts receivable up to date and though it's a tedious task, with a few minor exceptions, it's not a particularly difficult one. I should have been able to do it within a day or two. And yet I still haven't even gotten half way through it. I keep finding trivial things to do that, while they also need doing, aren't particularly a priority. I need to find a way to focus and just get it done already.

I really want to get out of the house tomorrow. I have a bunch of errands to do in the morning and then take the dog to the vet for her blood work and grooming in the afternoon. Maybe I'll go out for some drinks or go see a movie afterward. I never did see New Moon and I've been wanting to go see Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps I'll make it a double header. We'll see. Anyway, g'nite folks.
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I've been doing relatively well so far on my eating habits. With the exception of grandma's birthday on Sunday, I haven't eaten out or ordered take-out at all in the last 2 weeks. I've completely cut out soda and am drinking mostly water. I've been eating a lot of yogurt and sandwiches for lunch and a bit of fruit as well, and most importantly I've been keeping away from the sweets that are somehow always in front of me. Like now. Literally as I'm typing this my sis is dumping a bag of Hershey's Kisses in to the candy dish. *sigh*

The exercise however, has not been as good. I'm constantly tired lately. I just feel so DRAINED all the time. I want to nap (which if you know me you know I don't do naps) as soon as I get home and I can barely keep my eyes open by 8PM. I've had a bit of an upset stomach this week and on top of it I've got the monthlies so I suppose that might be the cause, or at least part of it. I think though that I might just need to add more energy-boosting foods into my diet, but I'm at a loss about what I should include. If anyone is even following and has any suggestions feel free to let me know.

In unrelated news I donated to four separate charities this afternoon towards the efforts in Haiti. Somehow donating to feed people red-flagged my credit card as suspicious activity, but the sudden large payments and purchases I recently made are fine. *headdesk*

OK, this Ranger game fucking blows. I'm going to bed.
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I got home from work to find a nice surprise waiting for me this afternoon. My best friend Paula was a bit late in sending out her gifts to my sister and myself but they finally arrived in the mail today. She and my 2 year old nephew David Jr. made us our gifts.

He's turning into quite the little artist. I got a hand-print decorated cork/marker board adorned with a hand-colored ornament with my name. My sis got a bunch of hand decorated ornaments and a lovely hand decorated jewelery box.

We also got a handful of drawings. Most of them were scribbles but quite a lot of them had some very clearly defined faces in the jumble. Paula says he always recites 'eyes, nose, mouth, ears' as he's drawing them. I've been really missing them lately. I think I might go visit them for at least part of my vacation after all.
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While we were partying last night, my DVR failed to record the 2 hour premiere of Chuck. This is displeasing. I was hoping it would repeat but that doesn't look likely. I know I can just watch it online but Chuck is one of the shows we watch as a family. I'm wondering if anyone slightly more tech savvy than myself could be of use.

A few months back I bought one of those cables that allows me to use my tv as basically a second computer monitor. I've only tested it once (it's fabulous OMG) but sadly the sound still comes from my crappy laptop speakers. Does anyone know how I might be able to get the sound to come from the tv as well as the picture? Any help or a point in the right direction would be hugely appreciated. I'd love to be able to watch the missed episodes all together if I can manage it.

I spent the evening catching up on Fringe. I forgot how disgusting that show can be. It's awesome! I wish I could work in their props department just to see how gross their imaginations can get. Also, I think I've finally gotten over the shudder inducing feeling I used to get from Joshua Jackson. Residual heeby jeebs from Dawson's Creek seem to be fading. Go figure, 4 foot parasitic worm = cool. Van der Beek associations = me running screaming from the room. A fascinating look into my psyche folks.

Hopefully we'll manage to plug through the 9 episodes of Heroes clogging up the DVR by the week's end. We've got a lot of tv to catch up on.

I'd like to end my post with a grateful acknowledgment to the good Samaritan who works at our local craft store who let me use the employee restroom in my time of need. You were a life saver. I thank you kindly. I wish more people would be so nice. It's the little things that count folks. And with that, I bid you goodnight LJ land.
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So, my grandmother's 80th birthday party went off without a hitch. We had a bit of a hard time trying to convince her to go out at first (she was told the immediate family was taking her out to dinner, but she didn't want us to spend money on her *sigh*) but in the end we managed to get her dolled up and out of the house. She didn't suspect a thing. She was a little shell shocked at first. She couldn't really see everyone in the room because so many flashes went off and everyone yelled 'Surprise', but then she went around the room and saw how many people came to celebrate with her. She was overwhelmed with emotion.

There were 30 people in all including my uncles, cousins, and all their kids as well as my godparents' family and my aunt's best friends' family who have been family friends for about 30 years. She was so happy to see everyone, especially all the little kids. My grandmother has always been really attached to the children in the family and it really pleased her to have them all there.

The food at this restaurant was amazing. It's this little Italian place in my neighborhood called Trattoria L'incontro. It's been around for a few years but for whatever reason we've never gone. Grandma had mentioned a few times that she wanted to go one day so we figured what better place to have the party. It was totally worth it. If you're ever in NY it's highly recommended.

My uncle Steve took pictures of everyone. Hopefully we'll have them sometime this week. I took a couple of pics with my camera but I can't find the cable to save my life so I can't upload them. I'll try to post some tomorrow.
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I got to sleep in this morning but I was having some crazy ass dreams last night. In one I was going through old bags of clothes and photo albums with my best friend's mom (who passed away several years ago) because my best friend had died (she's alive and well) and we were sharing stories of how we met and I kept finding money tucked away in pockets and in the pages of the photo albums. That one freaked me out quite a bit.

In the second dream my family was spending Christmas at this lady's house that we haven't been to for like 15 years. She used to be a close family friend but she turned out to be a psycho and did some pretty nasty things to my aunt and we don't speak to her anymore. Again, unsettling.

Then the last one I had involved facebook games, my back yard, Abby from NCIS and a purple horse. IDEFK.

I spent the majority of the day doing laundry and cleaning up the house in between watching the hockey game and paying bills/balancing my checkbook. We have a busy day tomorrow and the house needed some major cleaning in case folks decide to come over tomorrow after my grandmother's 80th birthday party. I hope she has a good time. I don't think she suspects anything and I think she'll be pleasantly surprised to see so many people there for her.

Anyway, I should probably get some rest. I hope I don't have any more crazy ass dreams tonight.
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So during last night's Ranger game I managed to finally get my dad to agree to come to a game with me. His usual reply is "it's a waste of money" but miraculously he willingly agreed to go to the game against the Penguins on the 25th. In fact my mom and sister decided to come too. Huge shocker. Then I get in to work this morning and my boss puts this in my inbox:

New York Ranger Greats Meet & Greet in New York City MSG

This is the first time you have 3 of the greatest Rangers of all time together. These 3 athletes do not do many public appearances and this is the first Adam Graves appearance in years. Very Few Spots Remain so come join the party down memory lane.

DATE Monday, January 25th
TIME 5pm-7pm Check in Starts at 4:30pm-4:45pm
Location – NYC
Package Includes
2 Tickets
Food and Drinks Open Bar (Beer, Wine. Soda and Buffet Style Food)
Gift Bag that includes 1 Quad Signed 16x20 Click Here To View (Retail price. $799)
Athletes in attendance

* Mark Messier
* Adam Graves
* Mike Richter

Price $749

Go figure. Not that I'd ever be able to go to that, but I thought it was funny that it was for the same day I'd just bought 4 tickets to.

Nothing much to report on for the rest of the day. I felt like crap mostly. Thankfully tomorrow's Saturday so I can get some rest.
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Oy I'm so tired this evening. My cousin had some errands to run out in Long Island at her summer house and she decided to bring me along for company so I had a nice rare day out of the office. I love it when we get to hang out together, she's a blast.

Even though I really didn't do much today, I'm really tired. It's like a 2 hour drive there and another 2 back plus there was traffic on the way home and sitting in the car all those hours really wore me out. I got home and crashed for a few hours. Now I'm watching the hockey game.

I really wanted to get in a workout but I got home and my sister decided to do the laundry and there's no room to move in our room. Doing laundry to her basically means she's got 7 piles of clothes separated and lying around for the next week. She does nothing but sleep all day or fuck around playing facebook games. All. DAY. She's getting on my mom's last nerves and then bitches and moans when my mom calls her on it. She really needs to get a job already.
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Who has the best sister in the known universe? I DO!!!

OMFG! Who has the MOST AWESOME SISTER EVER?! I DO!!! My sligh... on Twitpic

My sister got me this little beauty for Christmas but it was a tad late. I was wondering what she could have possibly gotten but I never expected this. It was TOTALLY worth the wait!

And it game just in time for the Ranger game to start. They kicked Dallas ass tonight. \o/

As a result of watching the game I saw the People's choice awards a good bit later than it aired. I voted for a bunch of the winners. Congrats to Allyson Hannigan, Johnny Depp and the Glee cast! However I'm more than a bit peeved at the ridiculous and unapologetic product placement and advertising throughout the show. This used to be one of my favorite award shows. Now they've got the Glee kids hocking DiGiorno Pizza. WTH?!? It was really pretty bad. At this rate I'd rather watch the Kid's Choice Awards. At least that promises someone will get slimed.
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Hola LJ land! How was your day? Mine was kinda bleh. I had a splitting headache and crazy allergies all morning. On top of that I was DYING for more sleep that I couldn't get. By the afternoon I was thankfully feeling better but there's nothing I hate more than that sluggish, whiny feeling of 'oh dear God let this day be over'.

After work I headed straight to my godmother's house. She's been in Greece since July and got back the week before Christmas, so it's been a good long while since I've seen her. I hadn't gotten a chance to visit her before today and I really missed her. I brought her over her Christmas gift as well as the gifts for my god-sister and her 9 month old. They really liked them which made me very happy. She sent me home with a care package of sweets which is our customary exchange every year. It's really hard trying to resist eating them but I'm trying to be good. I missed her cooking SO MUCH. She made some home-made bread and pizza which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. OM NOM NOM!

Afterward I promised my Aunt I'd bring her to Target so she could return some lamp she bought. That pretty much ate up my whole evening. By the time I got to the supermarket so I could get some things to bring for lunch with me the Deli counter was closed so I need to make another trip tomorrow. I just got home like 5 minutes ago and I didn't get a chance to exercise either. I'll see if I can squeeze in a 1/2 hour workout before work tomorrow and another one when I get home. I'm off to bed. G'nite!
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First day back at work from the holiday kinda was meh. I'm a little burnt out still from last week. Since it was the year end, we had to pay as many of the bills as we possibly could by the 31st. I'm basically in charge of Accounts Payable so that was largely all on my shoulders. Today was basically filing away 4,000 invoices and mailing everything out. Sounds simple enough, but for some reason I was dying to sleep through most of the day. I got enough sleep yesterday. Maybe it was the classical music I was playing or maybe it was just another case of the Mondays. Whatever it was, I basically wasted a day on FML since the boss was out. The rest of the week I need to start creating new folders for everything for 2010. Fun times.

Health wise, I brought my own lunch to work. I really need to get to the grocery store tomorrow because I don't have anything else to bring for the rest of the week. I started using my Wii fit this evening. It's kinda fun. I didn't really do much but I managed to work up a sweat. I've never been able to hula hoop in real life but ironically that's what I did best on. The running in place was not fun. I hope to do better tomorrow.
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Home again. It took my sister and I just over an hour to drive through most of New Jersey. It normally takes 2 1/2 hours or more but there was hardly any traffic on the road. Usually I'll hit a good amount of traffic by Newark but I came to find they had the whole airport on lock down. Man that must have been fun. YEESH!

This afternoon the girls and I went to the mall and got our nails done. Then we took a stroll through to some of the other stores for some odds and ends. My sister and I ended up getting a bracelet for our grandmother. She turns 80 this year and we're throwing her a surprise birthday party this Sunday. I hope she likes it. She's the hardest person to shop for.

Oy, I'm hungry. I had a late lunch/early dinner but I've resolved to stop eating past 8pm. That reminds me, I need to scrounge up something to bring for lunch tomorrow. I'm off to raid the fridge. G'nite folks!
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I had a relaxing day today. Georgia had to work in the morning so my sis and I slept in. In the afternoon we watched the Ranger game and I attempted some more yoga. I think I messed up my left shoulder though because it's killing me. Although sleeping on the floor the last 2 nights probably didn't help either.

We had an outing to the supermarket and made a nice dinner this evening. Tomorrow we're making a nice breakfast and going for mani/pedis afterward. I wish I could stay a few more days. I'm enjoying not being at home. I should really look into taking a vacation soon. I didn't take one last year and I'm going a bit stir crazy.

I was given a VERY generous bonus from work this year, but the government took more than half of it. Perhaps I'll use some of what's left and book a trip somewhere in the next couple of months. My cousin keeps asking me to visit her in New Orleans. I really miss Paula and my nephew in Texas. I've always wanted to go to California. But then I could go across the pond to London or visit my family in Greece. I haven't been there in 15 years. Decisions, decisions...

Anyway I'm going to see if Georgia's got a heat pad or something for my shoulder. G'nite folks!
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So, a couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor's office to take care of my 5th cold of the year (plz not to repeat that 2010) and they weighed me. I weigh an incredibly unacceptable 304 lbs. Seeing as I hardly ever move at all and eat horrible food every day this is unsurprising. I'm a size 26/28 and my pants are tight. I no longer want to live like this.

I'm always exhausted, I get headaches, my arms regularly go numb, I get winded going up a single flight of stairs, etc. I had blood work done during the same visit and I need to call back for the results, but surprisingly my blood pressure was perfectly normal so at least that's one good thing I've got going for me. I have a lot of family history going against me however. Diabetes, heart disease, various cancers and I should know better. I could give a million excuses but there's none that are justifiable for living this way.

One major factor is my depression. I haven't been clinically diagnosed for anything, but I feel it. One of the things I want to take care of this year is my mental health as well as my physical health but that's a post for another day.

Today, I did something I haven't done in roughly 10 years. Yoga. I was introduced to yoga in high school and found surprisingly that I enjoyed it but I was lazy and I didn't keep up with it after I didn't have to in order to get a grade in gym. I decided to try it again because it was relaxing and because I can do it in the house on my own terms without an audience.

I came away with two realizations. Yoga is a lot harder than I remembered and I'm REALLY fucking out of shape. YEESH! I had a hard time keeping up with the most basic of moves and I couldn't even get my breathing down right. I was a hilarious spectacle to my sister and best friend Georgia however. (We're at Georgia's house for the long weekend.) Her cat kept coming over to me to see if I was ok. I'm sure with a bit more practice I'll start to focus more and follow along better, but WOW was that a wake-up call.

As far as my diet goes, I'm cutting out soda once and for all. That's one of the things I really wish I hadn't started consuming again. I had cut it once before but once I started again I became completely addicted to it. Incidentally if you've seen the Man Drinking Fat commercial, that's my buddy from high school Damian taking one for the team and trying to get NYC on track about their soft drink habits. No he didn't actually drink fat, but the message totally got through to me.

My food intake today was abysmal but once I get back to NY I plan to start bringing my own lunch to work and stop getting take out with everyone in the office. I'm also going to wipe off the dust from my Wii Fit and putting it to daily use. I never EVER want to see a scale read ANYTHING above 300 when I get on in again.
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I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! My only resolution is to try and post at least one thing every day. I'm trying to take care of my health this year so I'm thinking about chronicling that for the year. Wish me luck! Happy 2010 everyone! =0)
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It's that time again! I'm writing out my Christmas cards. If you're interested in one, please leave your contact info in the comments. They're screened. =0)

ETA: Actually even if you're not interested in a card, please leave your contact info anyway. My address book is sorely out of date. It's a perfect opportunity to update it. Thanks!
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So I finally broke down and got a Twitter account. blu22_ if anyone's interested.
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I was in the car this evening with my mother when the station announcer came on at about 6pm and announced that Michael Jackson had died. We both looked at each other in skepticism and disbelief. It seems kind of insane.

Beat It was the first song that wasn’t a nursery rhyme that I ever learned the words to. We had some sort of parent’s day in kindergarten and we had to learn the song and a dance to go along with it. A few months later during summer vacation, I remember being alone in the living room and watching MTV (my first memory of it) and the video came on and I jumped up on the coffee table and sang and danced along to the song.

I remember nearly shitting a brick the first time I saw Thriller. The werewolf and zombies scared the everloving shit out of me, and for years I had to leave the room if it came on. As I got older, I actually sat through all 15 minutes of it and realized the genius that this man was.

I remember watching him on the news throughout the years and being really disappointed that he and his life had become so, so strange and hoping the best for him. I hope he finally gets some peace and true happiness.

He was a remarkable person. I can’t fathom life on this planet without the man. R.I.P.
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Happy birthday [ profile] lamykins!!! I love you very much and I hope you have a fantastic day.
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I wish everyone on my flist a very Happy Mother's Day. =0)

My birthday was very low key this year. My sister's in Texas visiting our best friend and I really missed having her here. But my friend Georgia came up from Philly to visit and we went out for coffee with our mothers and aunts to celebrate. No presents or candles, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. We're celebrating Mother's Day by going to see Star Trek in IMAX. I hope all the moms out there enjoy their day!
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Does ANYONE know where I can download/watch Friday's (4/3/09) episode of Jeopardy? I accidentally erased it from the DVR and my mother is going to KILL me. Please help! I WANT TO LIIIIIVE! *sobs*

Also, has anyone had any experience with Zipcar? Thoughts, comments, anyone? Beuller?
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Happy Valentines Day f-list! ♥ x infinity

And thanks for the v-gift [ profile] corsiva! *hugs* =0)
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As per [ profile] cleolinda and [ profile] txvoodoo:

Time Warner Cable to pull Viacom Channels on Jan. 1st. Goodbye Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show.

I already sent angry emails. Nice way to start the new year. >=0/
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I know it's a little late, but I'm a slacker, so if anyone would like to receive a Holiday Card from me please leave your address below ASAP. All comments are screened. Thank you! =0)
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The Happiest of Happy Birthdays to [ profile] corsiva and [ profile] hinkypunk!

I wish you both a wonderful day full of love and happiness! May all your wishes come true. *glomps* =0)


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I haven't really spoken about much of anything lately, least of all the upcoming election, but this is just disgusting.

No wonder no one in this country bothers to vote.
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So, I fail at life. I've neglected lj for far too long so I thought I'd update on the goings-on in my life for the past oh, 6 months. Let's see how far back I can remember. Sheesh. =0S

This is the longest entry I've ever posted )

That's basically my life in the last 6 months. Before I forget again my 100 in 1000 List Update can be found here. I actually updated it last month but forgot to post it so I re-updated it to add a couple more things.
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